About Gabriel

   As a young boy, Gabriel always liked music. He loved to sing and dance around the house. He was full of life when he performed, doing what would one day be his passion as a career. He sang in the children's choir at church, as well as perform in various plays at church and at school. When he was in fifth grade, he auditioned for the play, "Cinderella." He was cast as Prince Charming. Looking back, this is what put all things into motion to be where he is today. As he continued to grow and attend school, the arts blossomed in him. In middle school, he joined the band and played the trumpet. He was a good musician and continued to be involved. When he reached high school, chorus fell into place for him. Without a doubt, his voice was strong and beautiful to the ear. He was chosen to do Governor's School, with an emphasis of vocal music. It was a great experience that continued the desire and shaping of who he would become as a performer. When his junior year of high school rolled around, theatre was introduced. This was, by far, the most fulfilling of all aspects of the arts. He began to audition in local theatre and was being cast in multiple shows. He joined "Teen City Stage" which was a theatre group of young artists in Charlotte, NC. He performed in several theatre venues and continued to grow in this world of fine arts. Eventually, the time for college arrived and the auditions for acceptance began. At the end of the process, he was accepted to the Boston Conservatory, where he is currently a senior and continuing to perfect his craft. 

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